Child Boredom Quotient

31 Oct 2017

New research by Emirates has revealed that it takes young flyers just 49 minutes and 47 seconds to ask the dreaded question “are we nearly there yet?” 

The "Child Boredom Quotient" was created with the help of Dr Sandi Mann, a psychologist and boredom specialist at the University of Central Lancashire, as part of a campaign by Red Consultancy to showcase the range of activities on board Emirates flights to keep kids entertained and occupied.

The quotient was supported by a survey of over 2,000 parents of under 12s who have been on a plane which identified top worries when travelling with children as well as popular techniques for tackling boredom, all of which gave us hooks for editorial coverage.

To bring the research to life, we also worked with parents and comedy duo Scummy Mummies to create a fun piece of video content featuring their favourite anecdotes of the joys of travelling with children. 

Editorial coverage flew in with over 200 pieces of coverage published both in the UK and internationally, whilst the videos clocked up over 400k views on Facebook.