Heathrow: A Tale of Modern Britain

We created a unique collaboration between Heathrow and critically-acclaimed spoken word artist Caleb Femi to explore what it means to be British through the lens of arrivals and departures at the country's busiest airport.

A 'Tale of Modern Britain' is a powerful piece of poetry brought to life through a short film featuring moments at the airport - from emotional reunions, excitement as people head off for new adventures  and behind the scenes from the airfield - alongside snapshots of life in and around Britain. The video can be viewed on Heathrow.com, on terminal screens across the airport and on the Heathrow Express. 

Whilst the film was a coverage-driver in its own right, extra news value was achieved through commissioning research about what 'home' means to British people and their views on travelling.

We created and co-ordinated all aspects of the campaign including ideation, identifying and working with Caleb, producing the film and managing media relations.  The asset-rich campaign enabled us to generate coverage for Heathrow across a range of media as well as provide engaging content for Heathrow-owned channels.