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Chicken done right is one of the UK’s greatest loves and the launch of McDonald’s McCrispy was a chance to excite the nation’s chicken lovers, grab market share and position McDonald’s as THE chicken destination.

With gaming a key passion point of our target audience, we created the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming House – a star-studded launch event to drive excitement and hype around the new McCrispy.

Featuring Premier League footballers, England Lionesses, Love Islanders and gaming royalty, the event put McCrispy in the hands of the right people and drove reappraisal for McDonald’s chicken credentials through the voices of those who would know.

We also tapped into the hype of the recently launched FIFA 22 with guests going head-to-head on the game against the backdrop of all things McCrispy in an epic immersive experience.

With live-content capture, a Twitch steam and in-the-moment sharing, we made the event unmissable on social media.  And together with editorial coverage spanning food news, show biz pages, sports interviews and more, the McCrispy was teed up as the new must-try food product.

You Look.

500+ pieces of coverage
5 million views of McDonald’s content
600+ Instagram stories shared live from the Gaming House event

You Care.

Record breaking sales across McCrispy launch weekend
Significant gains made in market share of chicken

  • FINALIST - CIPR Excellence Awards 2023 - Consumer Relations Campaign
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