Case study
Revitalising hospitality jobs
Revitalising hospitality jobs is the UK’s top hospitality jobs board and a longstanding champion of careers in the sector.

With a chronic labour shortage and poor sector perceptions exacerbated by the pandemic and Brexit, wanted to reposition hospitality as a great place to have a career and improve applications from homegrown talent.

Research showed a particularly low ambition to work in hospitality amongst younger workers, so we devised a campaign targeting this demographic.

You Look.

Creative partnerships, impactful content (including a ‘hospitality hero’ video series and TikTok programme with talent like Tom Kerridge) combined with media relations generated more than 50 stories with an OTS of 47m.

You Care. saw Applications Per Vacancy (APV) rise steadily since the launch of the campaign and the hospitality hero video content is now used in schools to help children better understand the opportunities in the sector.

Our Campaigns
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