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Our ongoing thought leadership programme for Totaljobs focuses on the biggest issues impacting today’s workforce, one of which is gender equality.

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Women are leaving the UK workforce in record numbers and the gender pay gap remains stubbornly high. As one of the country’s leading jobs boards, Totaljobs has an ambition to help reverse the female talent drain.

So in partnership with the UK’s leading gender equality charity, the Fawcett Society, Totaljobs ignited debate on the issue – conducting new research amongst working parents and HR decision makers to identify the topical and emerging issues impacting parents in the workplace.

Two in-depth reports were created from the research: 1) creating a fertility-friendly workplace and 2) the challenges working mothers face when returning from maternity leave as they balance childcare responsibilities.

Each report included practical and actionable guidance to help employers adapt and change.

The reports were released two months apart to maintain momentum on the issues and each supported by earned media outreach utilising our research stats and case studies to bring the issues to life.

You Look.

•  550 editorial pieces of coverage including 29 national and 27 broadcast pieces

•  44% of all UK media articles on motherhood/childcare + work during the campaign period mentioned the campaign

You Care.

•  UK Government officially responded to report findings

•  Research cited in Select Committee briefing materials on fertility rights in the UK

•  Research referenced by the Fawcett Society’s written evidence to parliament on the need for greater flexible working

•  1,000+ engagements on LinkedIn

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